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Adama and his impression on the female readership

Adama / Eve

20th april 2011

I'm meeting Adama at the Telos well, there's something I sense it's time to discuss. Having beamed my energetic bodies there I find Adama already waiting for me there. It seems he has been sensing the topic already, as he seems to be amused, the corners of his mouth are appearing to turn to a grin.

Well, I'm in a wonderful mood today, the weather on the surface where I live is warm and sunny, all trees in full blossom, spring has been entering the station with full speed, slamming finally into the brakes and being here full size.
I'm aware that I might appear to be again an „enfant terrible“ in the eyes of the religious fundamentalists – as this is the week before easter holiday- the week of remembering the crucifixion – so there's an idea that the dedicated ones should hang around and cry, and I start to ask myself if Jesus was able to smile still, while living through the last days, and I think yes, he was. He was still loving his fellows and he was still enjoying beauty, … and I'm not going to feel bad and hang around for a whole week, I will enjoy facing the beauty of creation as a balance to the still to be criminal cames of the dark establishment.
Ok, I received a letter... this would not be unusual, but this was a letter being literally the drop which makes the bucket flow over.
Adama and me are exchanging a heartfelt welcome to finally sit down, and I'm searching for the right words to begin. It's more difficult than I imagined – as I already know that I'm going to publish this one.
Beyond all the high-sophisticated phrases I was having in mind before, I suddenly just blow out with „Adama, why are you such a womanizer?“
I could bite myself upon my tongue afterwards, but it's already out.
Adama is bursting with laughter:
„I am WHAT?“
My face is getting flushing red. I repeat, more silently „ A womanizer“
„Oh my goodness, Eve!“ he responds, still laughing up to tears. He needs a while to calm down to speak... „what's up? What has happened... another scandal created by the dark ones on the public pinboard? Like „High priest of Telos revealed to be a womanizer?“
„Nope, nothing of intention – at least this is my opinon... the word just came into my mouth suddenly... you know, Daddy, during the time in which you and me have been working together helping to make you more known on this planet I experienced – from letters and mail via the contact form that at least half of the female readership seems to believe to be your celestial consort incarnate – as they express themselves … „your twin flame“. They see your image and their heart is gone. So I find myself in the dilemma between not wanting to hurt or desillusionate anybody, but having to speak straight on this topic.... wanted to say, having to let YOU speak some words on this topic.. you might be more diplomatic than me … I think it's not quite appropriate what my Kumara nature suggests to me like „Just forget about it“.
Adama succeeds to look amused and concerned at the same time. „Oh my, that's going to become a difficult enterprise“, he comments. „I 'm aware that there is a trend among some female readership to think this way, but I confirm, Eve, and to all, I'm not doing anything to support or encourage this. It's my intention to touch many people by heart, but this twinflame thing is just a misinterpretation in the wrong direction. Of course I feel... let's say … honoured in some way …. but I have to deny acceptance of these mind movies which are being sent to me by the women who believe to be my personal celestial consort. My receiver module identifies these and does not go into resonance. What these women seem to experience or what they identify as their feedback is mostly the creation of their own longing and construction ground of the mind.
I think it's mainly two factors leading to this overreaction – which you have experienced, too – and which is more the triggering of the memory of ancient times than the hint on being what they call my consort.
The first factor is my radiation of unconditional love. This is something which just very few people have on the surface – it's yet what everybody is longing for … all these women are longing to have a spouse being fully anchored in it … but of course, in this regard the development is still at the very beginning. Nearly everybody on the spiritual path is on the search for love, for people who are able to radiate it … and then while seeing my picture they are projecting their yearning upon me as their object of finding.
The second factor is my pleiadean heritage, my appearance as tall, blue-eyed person with light hair, and this identification code is stored in the genes of many who are of pleiadean origin, and who of course remember their true celestial consorts as being this way.
Dear Ladies, I'm not the only one of pleiadean heritage, while I'm one of the not too many who have been lucky enough to have a portrait painted by skilled clearvoyant people. I have to ground you a bit, I tell you that my celestial consort is with me in Telos, physical at my side, and that I'm in a happy and sacred relationship with her. I have never been the slightest idea of any „womanizer“ – and it has never been my intention to gain new female readers by awaking any hopes in direction of romantic love or flirting. My expression of love is unconditional and you girls have to exercise your discernment. By fixing my person to the role of your twin flame in your mind you lock the door for your real celestial consorts to come in and to be heard. Whoever you think I might be – I'm not your personal celestial consort.
Among the new age desinformation the idea has been spread that there were incarnate „aspects“ of ascended masters / Celestial VIPs. This idea is even in one of the Telos books – misplaced of course. What you are – as a soul carrier – is your unique personality under supervision of your thought adjuster / father fragment. This idea of „VIP-aspects“ has to become redefined. An aspect is nothing else than a strong connection to the imprinted energetical footsteps of a being who has written a bit more history than others. Esu and Nada left behind mighty footsteps , and so many tap into these and feel very connected to these personalities – even in a way which goes too far in a state like „adoption“ So, it seems that this world is not only filled with female ones who claim to be my twin flame, but also with ones who claim to be the incarnate Mary Magdalen/Nada … and many justify it by claiming they were an „incarnate aspect“ of her, because they somehow fall in love with the image of Jesus they have integrated. . I think I might have mentionned that earlier.
The dark ones love it very much to see so many people claiming „I'm this and I'm that“ … because the selfdistribution of „historical roles“ triggers the spiritual ego. Unless you succeed to domesticate it with humility, the spiritual ego can cause a lot of harm to your concept of incarnation, it can even blow it completely.
Although there is multidimensionality, every single soul is unique in personality – and while the soul is being some kind of fragment of the Universal Father – it is not fragmented in itself.
So, Ladies, again... get real, dear ones. You should seek to overcome your fixation on the idea that I might be your „Mr. Right“... there's somebody else there waiting for you in order to reunite with your beauty and loving heart.... right time, right place. Please stop these mind movies of spiritual hollywood romance ….
Now, Eve, how convincing was I?“
I try to look serious.
„Well, pretty good for a womanizer...“
„Ah.... you are just toooooo sobering.... should I try again?“
„Oh, no, Adama, that is not really necessary... I think the message came over. But it would be easier for all women to accept it, if you were not soo damn handsome“
Adama sighs.
„Well, maybe I should have pondered about that before I allowed Glenda Green to paint my portrait.... maybe I should have set up a mask“
„You could still say this has just been your pleiadean mask and in reality you would look like.... like....“
„Eve, pay attention of what you say now!“
„.... like... Mr. Waldorf from the Muppets Show...“
„... ah, good... I already feared you would say like Christ Michael“
I giggle. „You don't like sunglasses that much?“
„Well, it's mainly that I do not really need them here in the Inner Earth … but remember, Eve... Even Mr. Waldorf might have a twin flame out somewhere“...
„Mr. Stadler, perhaps?“
„'Ok, before this situation is escalating furthermore now...making the potential of your coming verbal crucifixtion more heavy.... you could now add this work of girls-desillusioning to the holy week ....“ He smiles in a very disarming way. „And don't forget to add a link to my new picture, Eve...“
„OK, Daddy ….This one?“
Oh, Adama... my Kumara part and enfant terrible wants to add a music link, too... may I?

Sunrise Avenue, Hollywood Hills
Grinning„ Nope....not this one..“
„Seems I cannot take it out any more...“
„so the risk is with you alone!“ Adama is shaking his head. „Do what you think you have to do!“
We hug for good-bye...
„I hope you are going to tell me about the resonace of mind movies coming in NOW“...
„Well, Eve, that might become a bit dangerous accepting them....at least I will tell you about the number of posts...“

Ok, I'm back. I will post this now... Ladies ….and also to the female parts of Gentlemen....


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